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Using mutt, ProtonMail Bridge, and isync for email on Linux

February 13, 2021

Recently, offlineimap was removed from many Linux distros due to it relying on Python 2, and I found myself needing a new solution for using mutt (my email client of choice) and ProtonMail Bridge. I was able to use the program isync as a substitute. My initial setup for mail with offlineimap was based off this excelent post: https://spaceandtim.es/code/protonmail_mutt so you can refer to it for a lot of the reasoning behind this configuration. I'm personally using Gentoo, but this should work on most distros.


Install isync. Once installed, you can configure isync by creating a file named .mbsyncrc in your home directory. Here is what mine looks like for getting it working with ProtonMail Bridge:
SyncState *
Sync Pull All Push All
IMAPAccount [Put email here]
Port 1143
User [Put email here]
Pass [Put ProtonMail Bridge password here]
SSLType None
AuthMechs LOGIN
IMAPStore kevin-remote
Account [Put email here]
UseNamespace yes
MaildirStore kevin-local
SubFolders Verbatim
Inbox ~/Mail/kevin/INBOX
Path ~/Mail/kevin/
Flatten .
Channel kevin
Master :kevin-remote:
Slave :kevin-local:
Patterns *
Create Both
Expunge Both


Here are the relevant parts of my .muttrc file in my home directory:
set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder=~/Mail/kevin
set mail_check=2 # seconds

# smtp
set my_user=[Put email here]
set my_pass=[Put ProtonMail Bridge password here]
set smtp_url=smtp://[Put email here]:[Put ProtonMail Bridge password here]@
set ssl_starttls
set spoolfile = "+INBOX"
mailboxes +INBOX +Archive +Sent +Trash +Spam


You can run mbsync [channel name] to sync your mail, for example: mbsync kevin. So I have setup a cron job to sync my mail every five minutes:
*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/mbsync kevin


With ProtonMail Bridge running in the background (I personally use protonmail-bridge-cli) and a configured isync running periodically, I can now use mutt with ProtonMail Bridge comfortably. Hope this helps!